Pikaia Pilates

Reformer Pilates Personal Training Studio with Online Classes

Pikaia is all about making exercise fun and accessible for all, regardless of gender, size, fitness level or budget. We are passionate about Pilates and believe core-stability exercise is the only way to stay toned, agile, strong, injury free and body confident and should be practiced in your every day life. We specialise in reformer pilates with our small, semi-personal training sessions giving your body a focussed and restorative work out.

Our personal training studio is fully equipped giving engaging, dynamic workouts tailored specifically to you and how your body works. Our classes are all about having fun while we get your body in shape… it’s time to feel the possibility!

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What we do

Reformer Pilates

Our boutique studio brings Pilates Reformer classes to Woodford Green! With a maximum class size of four your practice will be focussed and safe with lots of opportunity for one to one attention.

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Personal Training

Our Personal Training programme offers a studio playground where we challenge and have fun while you learn how your body works and feels. We can help achieve everything you have dreamed your body to be!

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The pikaia fish is the most primitive known vertebrate and therefore the ancestor of all descendant vertebrates, including humans.

How cool is that! When we stumbled across this fascinating creature – it immediately felt like the perfect name for the studio: we are all about spine health and movement while keeping the joints safe. We want to be mobile like a fish in water,  water is strong and powerful, water is flexible.  Our body is our vehicle through this wonderful life. At Pikaia we are here to guide you and teach you to be the perfect version of yourself.