What we want

We want everyone to finish our classes feeling energised, confident, body aware, stronger, flexible, toned with improved posture and a feel good feeling. That makes you want to be consistent as key to becoming the best version of yourself.

Our Philosophy

To create a community to optimise flexibility physical movement, spinal health, Joint and tendon care with experienced Pilates instruction as the foundation.

Building on this foundation with Pilates as its core stability root , gives the community together a way to increase toning agility and fitness, in an environment of individually tailored guidance along with the support and care of the group.

The experienced Pilates instruction and understanding along with the group dynamic and Philosophy has proven to create a space where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the maximum physical benefits in tandem with ongoing emotional and mental clarity .

My experience in the last 25 years is this combination and structure has been proven to reap rewards for everyone above and beyond the basic and proven physical benefits.

I and my community welcome you in the inclusive atmosphere of fun work and play, where friends are made and people achieve their optimum physical and mental goals.

About Sandra

Hello, my name is Sandra and I am deeply dedicated to assisting individuals in uncovering their authentic selves. As a Pilates instructor, I strongly believe in the profound connection between the body and mind. Additionally, serving as a life coach in the vein of Jay Shetty, my passion lies in providing support and guidance to those in need. Along my personal journey, I stumbled upon the practice of breath work while grappling with stress, overworking, and feeling emotionally drained. Its remarkable effects on restoring balance to my emotions completely captivated me, prompting me to pursue teaching it to others.

“I love teaching and sharing my knowledge. I get a great feeling of satisfaction seeing my clients go from strength to strength.

My clients range from 25 to 80. I have been in the industry for many years, my belief is the importance of movement, keeping the joints safe and really feeling what is happening within the body.”